What's New in Planrow

Here's what we've been working on.

Apr 1, 2023

Planrow 2.1.1

Bug fix.

Fixed a bug regarding position computation occurring in calendar views.

Apr 1, 2023

Planrow 2.1.0

Bug fixes and improvements.
  • Added 2-finger swipe gesture to select on touchscreens.
  • Fixed data loss issue that occurred when pasting multi-line lists from Apple Notes.
  • Fixed a bug that occurs when undoing pasted indented items.
  • Fixed swipe events unwantedly happening when interacting with the app switcher on iOS.
May 30, 2022

Planrow 2.0.6

Bug fixes and improvements.
  • Returned calendar items in search results are now ordered by date.
  • Calendar now shows dates in all calendar views for easier referencing.
  • Fixed how titles of sidebar items were clipped on mobile widths.
May 26, 2022

Planrow 2.0.5

Bug fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed a bug where the active view indicated wasn't updated upon navigation.
  • Indicate loading while search is searching for results.
May 20, 2022

Planrow 2.0.4

Small bug fixes and improvements.


  • Added the "Unfocus Exits Editing" setting.
  • Displayed the app version info in the log in view.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed how dragging multiple headers to another plan caused nested tasks to not retain the correct positions.
May 17, 2022

Planrow 2.0.3

Some features and fixes.


  • Added app-wide Increase / Decrease Level options to selection mode.
  • Added editing mode option to toggle whether to show or hide the bullet of selected lines.
  • Added subscription in-app purchases for iOS and Android platforms.


  • For non-mobile platforms, added a link to the website's Security Overview page in the log in view.
  • Added swipe to navigate Calendar and Done views on iOS and Android, for desktop-width devices.
  • Updated code packaging libraries for macOS and Windows versions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed layout of dragged indented items on iOS.
  • Adequately scroll to show caret after pressing return key in editing mode on iOS.
  • Fixed alignment of sidebar more button on iOS in mobile widths.
  • Fixed layout of header bar buttons in selection mode when a plan is shown in desktop width.
  • Fixed UI bug on Android where the clear input button for quick search was mispositioned.
  • Fixed error that occurred when navigating views with certain conditions.
  • Fixed bug on Android where changing the selection in editing mode would cause unintended scroll jumps.
  • Fixed how the toggle header button in the bottom toolbar didn't respond when toggling from header to body text.
  • Made live replication also change the current view if the currently shown plan was deleted.
Apr 26, 2022

Planrow 2.0.2

Bug Fixes.
  • Fixed a bug where the long-press gesture would unintentionally get activated.
  • Fixed positioning of right side content view header buttons when sidebar hidden.
  • Show the active view item in full in the sidebar after navigating views.
  • Fixed how items dragged to the sidebar went 'under' it on iOS.
Apr 20, 2022

Planrow 2.0.1

Various follow-ups and bug fixes.


  • Implementation of in-app "Tip Jar" as referred to in the previous version.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed spacing of loading indicator after clicking "Backup Now" in the snapshots dialog.
  • Fixed how the "T" keyboard shortcut didn't work from the settings and search views.
  • Fixed appearance of checkboxes in dark mode after device orientation change.
  • Fixed color of pulse animation of target sidebar plan item.


  • Removed distracting transitions for indent/outdent actions.
  • Added a "Settings" navigation option to plan and sidebar more menus.
  • Show multi-line task items instead of hiding text overflow.
Apr 12, 2022

Planrow 2

Animations, dark mode, pricing model updates and a long list of bug fixes and improvements.

In this comprehensive update, we focus on providing a more polished app, as well as tightening things up for a consistent and productive product experience.

Animations & Dark Mode

A focus in this update was to improve the aesthetic for major interactions within the app, providing motion and animations in the UI where it matters. Paginating the next and previous calendar views are now animated with a sliding transition, as are expanding and collapsing projects in the sidebar that have plans nested under them. Toast messages also animate in and out to indicate information about undo and redo actions, and loading icons are faded in and out to indicate a sync in progress.

In a related frontend improvement, the app now also has a effortfully designed dark mode. On non-mobile platforms, it also comes with a setting that can be used to set if the app should be in dark, light or system-determined appearances. On mobile, it always adopts the system appearance. Care has been taken in ensuring that every last corner of the app is styled appropriately for dark mode, and all elements continue to look and work as intended across all platforms, without dark mode getting in the way.


In this update, we're also updating our pricing model. The base Planrow app remains free to use locally on your device, but now for all use cases, whether for personal or commercial use. We've together with that now also added an in-app tipping option.

This "Tip Jar" is available across all platform the app is available on, including the upcoming Android and iOS platforms, and you may use this to contribute to further support development, if you wish (thank you in advance!).

The pricing of our paid service, Planrow Pro, which offers encrypted, secure sync and more, is now a flat $5 per month, and it's billed annually. The previously instituted licensing feature whereby app licenses were differentiated by personal/non-profit/commercial use will also now be discontinued, and has been removed from the app.


  • When changing focus between editors in calendar views, focus the caret relative to where clicked.
  • Make Android navigation bar color more immersive when dialogs or modals are shown.
  • Improved latency in showing plan "more" menus.
  • Use regular storage instead of secure storage for regular settings on mobile.
  • Made mobile sync loading icons lighter.
  • After selecting a plan from search results, also show it in the content view.
  • On mobile, only hide the splash screen when the app has fully loaded.
  • Process text copied in editing mode to remove extraneous newline characters.
  • Improved swipe gestures for navigating next or previous calendar dates or done view dates.
  • Added icon button to clear search input.
  • Fixed bug where search view would blank out when screen is resized to mobile widths.
  • Also update the indicated active view when search navigates to an item in that view.
  • Also show the appropriate menu bar when selecting an item from search results, if any.
  • Hide the task toolbar when entering the search view from editing mode.
  • Set proper hover and active states for the today button in calendar menus.
  • Arrow keys to navigate now also work in the Done view.
  • Added a keyboard shortcut (T) to navigate to the Day view, with today's date.
  • Implemented custom, app-wide drag and drop smooth autoscroll handling.
  • Improved text selection autoscroll.
  • Made header toolbars fixed in place on iOS.
  • Close the calendar menu if it's open when navigating the calendar view.
  • Hide text overflow of task items in selection mode.
  • General testing of app to ensure compatibility on Windows 11.
  • On Windows, use regular storage instead of secure storage for regular field strings.
  • Streamlined positioning and layout of header bars on web and desktop platforms.
  • Improved rendering of Windows title bar.
  • Overhauled implementation of scrollbars to accommodate dark mode and each platform.
  • Updated contents of the tutorial plan to reflect recent changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure that popover menus are hidden when the Esc key is pressed.
  • Fixed how Esc key to exit search view wasn't working from the settings view.
  • Prevent header toolbar flash/glitch of icons when changing views in desktop widths.
  • Various UI-related bug fixes on Android.
  • Ensure the task toolbar is hidden upon window resize.
  • Fixed a bug where mid-edit syncs still interrupt typing.
  • Fixed layout of the done button's left spacing on mobile.
  • Fixed unintended bleeding of calendar date picker styling.
  • Allow navigation of completed items with arrow keys.
  • On Android, prevent 2-or-more-finger swipes from scrolling the content view horizontally.
  • Fixed 3-finger swipe to undo/redo not working on Android.
  • Fixed 3-finger swipe gestures not working consistently.
  • Fixed how pasting on mobile will scroll the content view, causing weird jumps.
  • Prevent multiple finger swipe from engaging calendar page navigation.
  • Ensure the right menu bar continues to show while changing focus between editors in calendar views.
  • Allow adding of a new item when a calendar heading is selected.
  • Fixed issue on Android where the scroll position jumps around when focusing the editor.
  • Fixed layout when rotating an iOS device from portrait to landscape.
  • Do not obscure inputs in dialogs when showing software keyboard on mobile.
  • After creating a new plan, also update the active view in the sidebar.
  • Fixed how swiping to go back to the sidebar on mobile could leave a tiny gap.
  • Fixed spacing of dragged items observed in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed issue with unintended dragged items appearing while performing a new drag.
  • Fixed status bar background alignment with sidebar on iPads.
  • Update navigation bar to match auth view UI after logging out on Android.
  • Only hide menus from calendar headings upon an incoming sync.
  • Update the active view in the sidebar after navigating views from editing mode.
  • Show done button when focusing the header or subheader from editing mode.
  • Prevent horizontal scrollbar from showing when paginating calendar or done view.
  • Fixed splash screen issue which caused a black screen to show instead of the splash image on mobile.
Mar 11, 2022

Planrow 1.12

Search, bug fixes and improvements.

In addition to a ton of bug fixes and improvements, this updates adds a search feature to the app, which is indispensable for quickly locating and accessing what you're looking for.


The search function is accesssible via the search bar in the UI, which is located in the app's header toolbar, or using its keyboard shortcut. The app will retrieve any exact matches with the search query you've entered, and show you the results in the search view. Clicking on any shown result in the search view will then navigate to it in the app.


  • Swapped "New Plan" and "New Project" item options in the sidebar's "New List" menu.
  • Made function that determines which server to use upon signing up more accurate.
  • Changed new heading keyboard shortcut to toggle heading.
  • Clicking a selected item when multiple selections exist now selects that item instead of editing it.
  • Sync now keeps up to 100 revisions of each item.
  • Keep date pickers in calendar and done views open after dates are selected.
  • When entering editing mode, place the caret on the end of the line by default instead of at the start of the line.
  • Add left/right keyboard shortcuts in selection mode to navigate calendar date in calendar views.
  • Improved appearance of the keyboard shortcuts modal.
  • Custom, improved implementation for calculating widths of header and subheaders to use.
  • Streamlined UX for selection of plans in the sidebar.
  • Also show the Done button when headers/subheaders are focused.
  • Changed sortable auto scroll speed to be dependent on screen height.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed line spacing before headings in exported Markdown snapshots.
  • Fixed header toolbar positioning on Android in landscape mode.
  • Ensure that the Done button is shown upon creating a new line in an empty editor.
  • On Android, fixed how tapping the return key in editing mode sometimes doesn't move the caret to the new line.
  • Fixed position of empty contents icon being too high up when the mobile keyboard is shown.
  • On mobile in landscape mode, ensure the software keyboard is dismissed when rotating the screen and the view changes.
  • Fixed unwanted behaviour on Android of scrolling right towards the content view from the sidebar.
  • Fixed alignment of checkmark of completed tasks.
  • Also resize header textareas after toggling the sidebar on desktop widths.
  • Fixed how you couldn't select tasks when the sidebar was hidden in desktop mode.
  • Properly align the header icon in all content views.
  • Clean the headings with any empty contents when exiting editing mode in Today.
  • Fixed function that scrolls the caret into view in editing mode sometimes not working.
  • Calibrated colors of icons in the "View In" menu of calendar headings.
  • Calibrated background colors of date indicators in tasks in calendar views.
Feb 28, 2022

Planrow 1.11.1

Bug fixes.
  • Fixed weird bullet positioning for tasks on mobile.
  • Fixed bullet positioning for indented tasks at all levels.
  • Fixed being unable to copy and paste into header and subheader of user-created plans in Firefox browsers.
Feb 26, 2022

Planrow 1.11

Server-side improvements and upgrades, and of course, bug fixes and improvements.

This update bolsters the infrastructure behind our Planrow Pro service, providing additional server locations so that sync is quicker and more reliable for our Pro users.

Better Sync Infrastructure

This new multi-server setup will be complete transparent and seamless to our users, no additional settings or considerations need to be made in creating or using your Planrow Pro account, and everything is entirely taken care of by the app. This also, to a degree, future-proofs our sync setup as it'll be easier to add more servers as required by demand down the road.


  • Indicate loading when clicking "Snapshot Now".
  • Indicate loading when refreshing from a plan view's menu.
  • Moved "Authenticate At Startup" setting to the Account section.
  • Changed default setting of "Authenticate At Startup" to false.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed return symbol in the keyboard shortcuts dialog rendering as an emoji on iOS devices.
  • Fixed overlapping white background of bullets when dragging tasks in selection mode.
  • Fixed caret placement when creating a new item without a pre-existing selection.
  • Fixed a bug where backups could get attempted to be saved even after logging out.
Feb 23, 2022

Planrow 1.10

A mobile-focused update in preparation for the release of our iOS and Android apps.

In this update, we're adding and fixing a few things in anticipation of the launch of our mobile apps down the road.

Notable Improvements

  • Account deletion: Added a "request deletion" section to settings, in the "Contact Support" dialog, which will redirect to your email client with pre-filled information.
  • Undo & redo gestures: On mobile devices with touchscreens, you can now also use a 3-finger swipe left or right to undo or redo your actions respectively.


  • Added a spinner indicator to refresh buttons.
  • Moved "Export Raw JSON Data" button in settings to under the Account section.
  • Scroll to the focused item bit faster after the mobile software keyboard is shown.
  • Streamlined user experience of transitioning between selection and editing mode.
  • Made Android status bar and navigation bar more immersive during splash screen and app-wide.
  • Optimised loading code to shorten loading duration.
  • Updated tutorial to reflect recent changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed regression from version 1.9 on correcting spacing for the header toolbar on desktop platforms.
  • Fixed backup-related error by ensuring backup folder exists before reading it.
  • Fixed backup interval checks to only trigger when user is actively interacting with the app.
  • Fixed how newly created lines wouldn't be selected after existing selection mode.
  • Ensure that new headings created with keyboard shortcuts are created after the current selection, not before.
Feb 15, 2022

Planrow 1.9

Snapshots, bug fixes and improvements.

To help potentially save time and prevent unnecessary loss of work, we've added a backup feature in this version of Planrow.


Snapshots is a backup feature intended to prevent you from accidentally losing work. Planrow can now periodically archive your work into backups, with each plan of your formatted into a Markdown file. The frequency of snapshots taken as well as number of them to keep is also adjustable from within the Settings view.

The backups are saved locally on your device by the app, and to retrieve and view the contents of each backup, you can download them from the Snapshots interface in the Settings view. The snapshot downloaded will come as a zip file, and you can simply unzip it to view your contents, which are organized into individual Markdown files.

Do note that for privacy reasons, these local snapshots are also deleted when you log out, so be sure to first download any backups you might want to separately keep before that.


  • Improved efficiency of initial sync upon logging in.
  • Show a confirmation dialog before logging out.
  • Made incoming syncs less disruptive if you are actively editing.
  • Scroll to show newly-added projects and plans in the sidebar if covered by the software keyboard.
  • If the sync setting is on and the user's just logged in show a message dialog stating that sync is happening.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error when a currently being edited item is deleted via an incoming sync.
  • Fixed right-side spacing of the "+ New List" button in the sidebar in desktop widths.
  • While in editing mode and upon swiping to go back on mobile, dismiss the software keyboard.
  • Fixed how on mobile, when double-tapping a sidebar plan, it leads to an unintended UI state.
  • Fixed how on desktop, the header toolbar's top spacing looks weird.
  • Fixed a bug on desktop versions involving secure field name strings.
Feb 2, 2022

Planrow 1.8

Undo and redo, bug fixes and improvements.

A simple and easy-to-use undo/redo function is a must-have in any worthwhile productivity app, and we added it in this update!

Undo & Redo

The focus in this update was to add full, app-wide undo and redo capability. While working in Planrow, your actions are now saved to an in-memory history stack which is only available and kept during your active session with the app, from which undo and redo can reference to work.

The undo/redo stack has a maximum size of up to one hundred items. The undo and redo actions are available from the UI, as well as using keyboard shortcuts. Confirmation dialogs also no longer get shown when deleting an item, because you can always trivially undo your deletion if you want.


  • Included a log in message if sync setting is off.
  • Added a way to manually trigger a data refresh in the UI.

Bug Fixes

  • Handled missing objects on incoming sync better.
  • In the sidebar, fixed how you shouldn't be able to long-press to select the settings view.
  • On mobile, fixed how swiping to navigate should also hide all popovers.
  • Fixed how you should be able to use the tab/shift+tab keyboard shortcuts to indent/outdent a task in selection mode.
  • Fixed how when "Authenticate At Startup" is off, the new user status doesn't update when app is reloaded/refreshed, even when online.
  • Fixed how when "Authenticate At Startup" is off, there is an error when logging out.
Jan 26, 2022

Planrow 1.7

Offline-capable, live replication, bug fixes and improvements.

This update mainly adds two new capabilities to Planrow, namely that the app is now offline-capable, and the sync feature for Planrow Pro users now has live replication.


The Planrow app is now offline-capable, which means that it is able to fully operate even if your device doesn't have an internet connection, from starting the app to using it to write your notes and complete tasks.

For Planrow Pro users, the sync feature is paused if you don't have a connection, and later seamlessly resumes if the app detects your internet status has recovered in its periodic checks. Any changes made on your device or elsewhere will then get securely synced to the server upon resumption of your internet connection, so you don't have to worry about missing out on local changes in the event that you're offline.

Also to note that, of course, authenticating your account with your email and password will still require an internet connection, which also applies if you have "Authenticate At Startup" turned on in Settings. You also need to be online in order to change your password from within the app.

Live Replication

Another improvement to do with the multi-device sync feature available only for Planrow Pro users, live replication propagates your changes made onto all your devices in real-time.

This means that changes made elsewhere are no longer only retrieved during the app's initial start, but continously throughout your usage, and you're always working with the latest and most updated version of your notes and tasks.


  • Adapted keyboard shortcuts for Windows-based or Mac-based platforms.
  • Added option to indent/outdent to task toolbar in selection mode.
  • Done view header toolbar UI improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed how newly-created indented lines didn't have that property saved to the backend.
  • After completing a task, only select the next item if there was already an existing selection.
  • Fixed how the "new" button should add new lines to after the current selection instead of before.
  • Added a background to selected tasks to prevent a flash of white before the checkbox is added.
  • Increased drag and drop autoscroll speed.
  • Indicate selected plans and projects in blue to better fit the active view color.
  • Fixed an issue with sidebar toggling on mobile devices, in landscape mode.
  • After a deleted or completed task is removed and a subsequent selection is moade, also show the done button.
  • Ensure the caret is visible when editing by scrolling the view if necessary.
  • Fixed how activated sidebar items were completely white.
  • Fixed how clicking on a checkbox to cancel completion could result in clicks being doubly-registered.
  • Fix for Android editor selections made near the top/bottom of the screen.
  • Upon logout, also clear the active view indicator.
  • On Android, fix how popover menus exceed viewport window boundaries.
  • Fixed indent/outdent from selection mode not working.
  • Fixed how indent/outdent from an active editor is also suddenly deactivating it first.
Dec 21, 2021

Planrow 1.6

Sidebar UI revamp, improvements and follow-ups.

This update is more of a continuation update from the previous one, shoring up and rounding off the improvements needed to be made.


  • Revamped sidebar user interface on mobile and desktop widths.
  • Improved how the currently selected view is indicated in the sidebar.
  • After completing a task in selection mode, automatically select the next closet item.
  • Cleaned up data model in codebase.
  • Removed leftover code from previous version.
  • Added a more button menu for heading items in calendar views, with more viewing options.
  • Improved positioning calculation function to prevent any possible "bunching up" of items.
  • Added left/right navigation for calendar views.
  • Allow directly going into editing mode with new item/line from selection mode.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a mutation observer warning that occurred in Firefox web browser from the new editor.
  • Adding new line in the editor from within a calendar view now correctly adds the date.
  • Allow clicking edit button in the top toolbar to edit an empty Today calendar view.
  • Added a minimum height for empty, selected items in selection mode to ensure they are visible.
  • Fixed allowing typing of space characters in the editor.
  • In Firefox browser, clicking outside of the editor container now correctly exits editing mode.
  • Ensured that preceding/ending whitespace in titles are mirrored in editor and in backend.
  • Fixed issued with pasting long notes into the editor not getting registered correctly.
  • Fixed how you have to press return twice on mobile to add a new line.
  • Fixed how words are broken up into lines in the editor to prevent horizontal scrolling.
  • Fixed how drag and drop on iPads don't work when using a mouse.
  • Fixed drag and drop alignment of dragged ghost on Android.
  • Made item heights consistent across modes.
  • Done button now shows after pressing the edit button in the header on mobile screen widths.
Dec 11, 2021

Planrow 1.5

Integrating notes and tasks.

This is a massive update that took a lot of work, containing several fundamental and important changes. This took a lot of time to develop and test, but will greatly improve how the app works for Planrow users.

Editing and Selection Modes

In this update, we overhauled the user experience of how you interact with your notes and tasks. There are now two distinct, separate modes in which you use the app.

Selection mode is where each line is treated an individual task, and you can drag them around, complete them, etcetera.

In editing mode, all of the lines in the current view combine into an individual note, which you can edit like you would in a regular text editor.

You could think of selection mode being equivalent to a tasks mode, and editing mode could also be called notes mode, and each seamlessly transitions into the other while you're using the app.

Calendar Views

How the calendar views work was also overhauled, firstly with improved backend code for retrieving the contents of each calendar view.

The number of calendar views displayed was also updated, as well as how the contents of each view is presented. Each view now contains a date picker, where you can indicate the time period you'd like to view within the current calendar view.

Also, weeks have also now been updated to start on Monday instead of Sunday.

Changes and Improvements

  • The "Inbox" view was renamed to "Scratchpad".
  • Cleaned up and optimized lots of stale code as a result of the overhaul.
  • Drag and drop in calendar views also update the dragged item's date relative to where it was dragged.
  • Tasks now only exist only in a calendar view or a regular plan view.
  • Update tutorial plan's contents to reflect above changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed how the taskbar indent button doesn't work when clicked.
  • Fixed Android swipe to go back gesture when device is using button navigation.
  • Set positioning for dialogs appropriate to length of the dialogs on Android.
  • Hide the task bar when swiped back to go back to the sidebar view.
  • Ensure that activated items scroll into view when obscured by the software keyboard on Android.
  • Fixed consistency of showing or hiding of the Done button in some scenarios.
  • Fixed how on mobile, after cancelling a task completion, the task checkbox remained hovered.
  • Fixed paste events on iOS.
  • Adjusted menu bar spacing on mobile on sides and bottom.
  • On iOS, fixed how header toolbar is not translucent when there is an active item.
  • On iOS, allowed user to scroll even though height of content is shorter than window height.
  • Fixed how bottom spacing of content was not sufficient on iOS.
Sep 14, 2021

Planrow 1.4.2

Some small bug fixes and improvements, including more preparations for mobile.


  • Add "enter" keyboard shortcut as confirmation key for dialogs.
  • On mobile, also provide loading indicator for content view in header bar.
  • Add more space on right of bullet for task items to prevent accidental task completion on mobile.
  • Changed log out dialog confirmation button text to fit on smaller mobile screens.

Bug Fixes

  • Selecting items by using up/down keyboard arrow keys (when no previous items selected) now also shows the "Done" button.
  • Esc key should also close Keyboard Shortcuts modal, if it's open.
  • Don't deactivate item if indented via the task bar.
  • Fixed header "more" button alignment on both mobile and desktop widths.
Sep 2, 2021

Planrow 1.4.1

Bug fix on desktop builds.

Fixed a file path issue affecting the app loading on macOS and Windows desktop versions.

Sep 1, 2021

Planrow 1.4

Major improvements to the app, especially on mobile, and a ton of bug fixes!

This update also paves the way for a future mobile release for iOS and Android devices, laying the groundwork for Planrow to be available on your phone as an app.


  • Make the heading toolbars of both the content view and sidebar fixed to top when scrolled.
  • Added a Done button which appears in the top-right, for deselecting the existing selection.
  • On mobile, you can now also long press a selected item to deselect it.
  • Better alignment of app UI from top of window on macOS.
  • Included day of week info in date indicator of tasks.
  • The New Task / New Heading buttons now do not clear the existing selection, so new items can be added relative to the current selection.
  • Improved how account information is stored locally on your device on macOS and Windows versions.


  • When dragging calendar view tasks to another calendar view, reset indent level of the dragged tasks.
  • Increased drag and drop autoscroll sensitivity for faster drag and drop manoeuvring.

Bug Fixes

  • Deselect existing selected tasks when you focus on a plan's title or subtitle in the header.
  • Fixed how shift+enter would not result in deactivating active tasks and items.
  • Ensure sidebar project item is deactivated if its more icon button is triggered.
  • Fixed how expanding/collapsing a sidebar project leads to drag and drop of its nested plans not following along.
  • Addressed how interaction with sidebar items on mobile was inconsistent when it comes to editing title and showing the plan's view.
  • Fixed calendar period indicator strings for Week, Month and Quarter views to make them more descriptive and specific.
  • Observed sufficient padding between text and the more button on the right side of heading items.
  • Prevent tasks from being activated if in state of being completed.
  • On mobile, prevent sortable autoscroll from scrolling to the right when dragging items, both in sidebar and content views.
  • Fixed alignment of content header toolbar buttons.
  • Fixed inconsistent background modal opacity.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to blank out when certain modals were shown.
  • Addressed how when an task in Today view, which is overdue and is the last item in that heading, is cleared of its date, the heading doesn't also get removed.
Aug 10, 2021

Planrow 1.3.2

Added relative headings, bug fixes.

Added ability to add new headings relative to the current selection, instead of always to the end of a plan.

Fixed a bug that occurred when trying to clean up a non-existent copy to clipboard instance.

Aug 6, 2021

Planrow 1.3.1

More follow-up features and changes for the new business model implementation, plus a few tweaks and fixes.

New Features

  • Added a "Sync" switch setting, that lets you toggle whether sync is on or off (for Planrow Pro users only).
  • Added a "License" setting under the "Planrow Pro" heading, where you can set the Planrow license you're using.
  • Added "Copy as Markdown" to the plan menu, which will copy the currently displayed plan's contents to your clipboard in Markdown format.

Changes and Improvements

  • Optimised the app's backend startup process to reduce loading duration.
  • Improved password dialog handling, and show it by default when the app is restarted or refreshed.
  • Added project names to the "Plan" tooltip menu, so it's clearer which destination plan you're selecting.
  • Moved "Contact Support" button under "Account" heading from "Planrow Pro" heading.
  • Integrated purchase URL to work with the app sign in process.
  • Improved the "Log Out" button to dynamically show a warning depending on the sync state.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the database set up process that would let a procedure continue.
Aug 1, 2021

Planrow 1.3

In this update, we're implementing a new business model for the app.

The app is now free for personal use locally without sync on a single device, and you can get Planrow Pro to sync across multiple devices and for commercial use.

We've revamped the website's pricing page to reflect this, and you can learn more about the basics of the new licensing model in our EULA Overview.

Changes and Improvements:

  • The password confirmation dialog is now a Pro-only option.
  • Updated the tutorial plan's contents.
  • Included user email and plan status for Contact Support template.
  • Changed "Clear Plans" in toolbar menu to "Clear Plan".
  • In keyboard shortcut modal, changed "Complete Task" to "Complete Task(s)".
  • Production HTML file is now smaller and will load faster.
  • Switched empty contents icon of Today and Inbox view.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where multiple items couldn't be dragged after interacting with the toolbar.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow options for user settings to be properly preserved.
Jul 22, 2021

Planrow 1.2.2

Bug fix.

Fixed a bug causing the order of tasks to not be presented correctly in certain scenarios.

Jul 21, 2021

Planrow 1.2.1

Bug fixes.
  • Fixed property used in comparison function for calendar views.
  • Fixed file paths for HTML references for web version.
Jul 19, 2021

Planrow for Desktop

Planrow is now also available as a downloadable app for Windows and macOS.

You may download the desktop apps for Planrow at the download page of our website.

The macOS version requires macOS 10.11 El Capitan or newer, and is a universal build which supports both Intel and ARM processor architectures. The Windows version requires Windows 7 or newer, and is for 64-bit machines.

This release is labelled version 1.2.0, which also updates the web version of Planrow, contains the following improvements and bug fixes:


  • Renamed "Manage Plan" button in the app's settings tab to "Manage Billing", to be more descriptive.
  • Changed when and how upgrade and manage billing buttons are shown to ensure that it always contains a valid link.
  • The platform field in the Settings view now also lists more relevant information about the platform you're using the app from.
  • Automatically include your platform info in "Contact Support" in Settings, and added a copy to clipboard option.
  • App version indicated in the Settings view is now programatically set.

Bug Fixes

  • Disabled use of tab key to cycle focus, and spacebar key to pagedown.
  • Fixed alignment of mobile view content header toolbar.
  • Drag and mouse wheel scroll now works on Windows.
  • Ensured modals can be scrolled to be viewed in full.
  • Explicitly clear database before logging in to ensure zero backend complications.
  • Also reset the "Upgrade Now" button when resetting UI.
  • Fixed comparison function that was not ordering some lists correctly.
Jul 6, 2021

Planrow 1.1

An improved task calendaring system, and other changes and fixes.

We've improved the task calendaring system, with the following modifications:

  • All tasks in any calendar view now must have a specific, set date.
  • Drag and drop operations between and within views have been updated to reflect this.
  • Updated the "When" toolbar menu to show a calendar date picker directly instead.
  • The Future view now has an extra heading to contain perpetual dates.

This update also contains the following changes and fixes:

  • Changed the Done (d) keyboard shortcut to Complete Task (c).
  • Fixed pressing shift+enter allowing inserting newlines into tasks and headings.
  • Improved the descriptiveness of the calendar period labels in the sidebar.
  • Fixed a bug that set the wrong date parameters when a task is dragged in the Today view.
Jul 3, 2021

Planrow 1.0.12

Bug fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed an issue with the switches in the Settings view.
  • Changed show keyboard shortcuts key from '/' to '~'.
  • Fixed an bug causing tasks to still be active when the window/browser has lost focus.
  • Turn off current rudimentary, unstable spellcheck implementation for active tasks.
Jun 25, 2021

Planrow 1.0.11

Bug fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed a bug where the positions of plans in the sidebar was not behaving in a consistent manner.
  • Pressing the enter key on your keyboard now also blurs the heading and sub-heading inputs for non-calendar plans.
  • Updated how number of trial days left is displayed in Settings.
  • Also in Settings, highlight the Manage Plan button in a different color if user is not active.
  • Disabled viewport zoom.
  • Fixed bug: Multiple switches show up in the settings view after the windows stays open a prolonged period of time.
  • Fixed how date indicator icon is not vertically centered for all types of icons.
  • Shortened time required for the backend to reconnect after the user has gone offline for an extended period.
Cover image for Planrow the blog post titled: Welcome To Planrow.
Jun 9, 2021

Welcome To Planrow

Introducing the new task management tool designed and built for indie hackers, to help plan your day, week, month and year.

After almost two years of work, we're excited to finally release Planrow! It's a task planning and management app designed and built for self-directed, independent work.

We hope it will help you towards completing your big plans by formulating and organising the smaller steps you need to take to get there.

Here's a quick 1-2-3 on how Planrow is designed to help you achieve just that.

1. Note Ideas & Complete Tasks

Note-taking and task management tools have traditionally been separate entities in the personal workflow of most people. Continual use of the former unfortunately tends to lead towards a buildup of notes and documents, which are hard to organise and take action on.

With the latter, the individual granularity of to-do task items means that they aren't particularly suited to anything more complex than a long grocery list.

Planrow was built to help you plan your day in detail, while at the same time keeping your broader future on track towards your larger goals.

The app allows you to craft plans as you would in a traditional note-taking app, then pull them in to a calendar-based view once you're ready to decide when you'd like to act on them.

With Planrow, you're also able to refine your plans with an increasing degree of granularity as it approaches the next quarter, month, or week.

2. Privacy Protections πŸ”’

When we set out to create a task planning tool, we knew that privacy was certainly going to be one of the more important concerns for our potential customers. Nobody wants others to be able to snoop around in their extremely detailed future plans.

And so, we've made it a point to bake privacy-focused features into the app right from the very start.

All text contents of your tasks and plans are securely encrypted with your password, before it ever leaves your device to sync with our servers. This way, other parties (us included) do not and cannot read your data β€” it's simply impossible without your password, which only you know.

That's how we ensure that your data is private and strictly for your eyes only.

3. Sustainable & No-nonsense

And for the last point in this overview: Planrow is built to sustainable and no-nonsense β€”Β we stay sustainable by charging a subscription, which is the only way we make money.

By paying for Planrow, you also support its continued operation and development.

We do this so we don’t have to rely on showing you ads, selling your data to third parties, collecting private data about you with trackers, or sending you annoying emails so that we can continue running the service.

This allows us to develop the product in direct service of our customers and users.

Create your own plan! πŸŽ‰

Those were just the main points we thought we should cover in this post β€” you can discover what the app has to offer for yourself by creating your own plans directly in the app.

Planrow version 1.0.10 is now available as a web app via your web browser, and you can get started with a fully-featured 14-day free trial here.

We'll also be looking to continually improve the app with updates as well as bring it to other platforms and devices in the future, so watch out for new posts here.

Meanwhile, we hope you'll enjoy using Planrow! 😁

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