Planrow 1.10

A mobile-focused update in preparation for the release of our iOS and Android apps.

February 23, 2022

In this update, we're adding and fixing a few things in anticipation of the launch of our mobile apps down the road.

Notable Improvements

  • Account deletion: Added a "request deletion" section to settings, in the "Contact Support" dialog, which will redirect to your email client with pre-filled information.
  • Undo & redo gestures: On mobile devices with touchscreens, you can now also use a 3-finger swipe left or right to undo or redo your actions respectively.


  • Added a spinner indicator to refresh buttons.
  • Moved "Export Raw JSON Data" button in settings to under the Account section.
  • Scroll to the focused item bit faster after the mobile software keyboard is shown.
  • Streamlined user experience of transitioning between selection and editing mode.
  • Made Android status bar and navigation bar more immersive during splash screen and app-wide.
  • Optimised loading code to shorten loading duration.
  • Updated tutorial to reflect recent changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed regression from version 1.9 on correcting spacing for the header toolbar on desktop platforms.
  • Fixed backup-related error by ensuring backup folder exists before reading it.
  • Fixed backup interval checks to only trigger when user is actively interacting with the app.
  • Fixed how newly created lines wouldn't be selected after existing selection mode.
  • Ensure that new headings created with keyboard shortcuts are created after the current selection, not before.

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