Planrow 2

Animations, dark mode, pricing model updates and a long list of bug fixes and improvements.

April 12, 2022

In this comprehensive update, we focus on providing a more polished app, as well as tightening things up for a consistent and productive product experience.

Animations & Dark Mode

A focus in this update was to improve the aesthetic for major interactions within the app, providing motion and animations in the UI where it matters. Paginating the next and previous calendar views are now animated with a sliding transition, as are expanding and collapsing projects in the sidebar that have plans nested under them. Toast messages also animate in and out to indicate information about undo and redo actions, and loading icons are faded in and out to indicate a sync in progress.

In a related frontend improvement, the app now also has a effortfully designed dark mode. On non-mobile platforms, it also comes with a setting that can be used to set if the app should be in dark, light or system-determined appearances. On mobile, it always adopts the system appearance. Care has been taken in ensuring that every last corner of the app is styled appropriately for dark mode, and all elements continue to look and work as intended across all platforms, without dark mode getting in the way.


In this update, we're also updating our pricing model. The base Planrow app remains free to use locally on your device, but now for all use cases, whether for personal or commercial use. We've together with that now also added an in-app tipping option.

This "Tip Jar" is available across all platform the app is available on, including the upcoming Android and iOS platforms, and you may use this to contribute to further support development, if you wish (thank you in advance!).

The pricing of our paid service, Planrow Pro, which offers encrypted, secure sync and more, is now a flat $5 per month, and it's billed annually. The previously instituted licensing feature whereby app licenses were differentiated by personal/non-profit/commercial use will also now be discontinued, and has been removed from the app.


  • When changing focus between editors in calendar views, focus the caret relative to where clicked.
  • Make Android navigation bar color more immersive when dialogs or modals are shown.
  • Improved latency in showing plan "more" menus.
  • Use regular storage instead of secure storage for regular settings on mobile.
  • Made mobile sync loading icons lighter.
  • After selecting a plan from search results, also show it in the content view.
  • On mobile, only hide the splash screen when the app has fully loaded.
  • Process text copied in editing mode to remove extraneous newline characters.
  • Improved swipe gestures for navigating next or previous calendar dates or done view dates.
  • Added icon button to clear search input.
  • Fixed bug where search view would blank out when screen is resized to mobile widths.
  • Also update the indicated active view when search navigates to an item in that view.
  • Also show the appropriate menu bar when selecting an item from search results, if any.
  • Hide the task toolbar when entering the search view from editing mode.
  • Set proper hover and active states for the today button in calendar menus.
  • Arrow keys to navigate now also work in the Done view.
  • Added a keyboard shortcut (T) to navigate to the Day view, with today's date.
  • Implemented custom, app-wide drag and drop smooth autoscroll handling.
  • Improved text selection autoscroll.
  • Made header toolbars fixed in place on iOS.
  • Close the calendar menu if it's open when navigating the calendar view.
  • Hide text overflow of task items in selection mode.
  • General testing of app to ensure compatibility on Windows 11.
  • On Windows, use regular storage instead of secure storage for regular field strings.
  • Streamlined positioning and layout of header bars on web and desktop platforms.
  • Improved rendering of Windows title bar.
  • Overhauled implementation of scrollbars to accommodate dark mode and each platform.
  • Updated contents of the tutorial plan to reflect recent changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Ensure that popover menus are hidden when the Esc key is pressed.
  • Fixed how Esc key to exit search view wasn't working from the settings view.
  • Prevent header toolbar flash/glitch of icons when changing views in desktop widths.
  • Various UI-related bug fixes on Android.
  • Ensure the task toolbar is hidden upon window resize.
  • Fixed a bug where mid-edit syncs still interrupt typing.
  • Fixed layout of the done button's left spacing on mobile.
  • Fixed unintended bleeding of calendar date picker styling.
  • Allow navigation of completed items with arrow keys.
  • On Android, prevent 2-or-more-finger swipes from scrolling the content view horizontally.
  • Fixed 3-finger swipe to undo/redo not working on Android.
  • Fixed 3-finger swipe gestures not working consistently.
  • Fixed how pasting on mobile will scroll the content view, causing weird jumps.
  • Prevent multiple finger swipe from engaging calendar page navigation.
  • Ensure the right menu bar continues to show while changing focus between editors in calendar views.
  • Allow adding of a new item when a calendar heading is selected.
  • Fixed issue on Android where the scroll position jumps around when focusing the editor.
  • Fixed layout when rotating an iOS device from portrait to landscape.
  • Do not obscure inputs in dialogs when showing software keyboard on mobile.
  • After creating a new plan, also update the active view in the sidebar.
  • Fixed how swiping to go back to the sidebar on mobile could leave a tiny gap.
  • Fixed spacing of dragged items observed in certain scenarios.
  • Fixed issue with unintended dragged items appearing while performing a new drag.
  • Fixed status bar background alignment with sidebar on iPads.
  • Update navigation bar to match auth view UI after logging out on Android.
  • Only hide menus from calendar headings upon an incoming sync.
  • Update the active view in the sidebar after navigating views from editing mode.
  • Show done button when focusing the header or subheader from editing mode.
  • Prevent horizontal scrollbar from showing when paginating calendar or done view.
  • Fixed splash screen issue which caused a black screen to show instead of the splash image on mobile.

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