Planrow 1.12

Search, bug fixes and improvements.

March 11, 2022

In addition to a ton of bug fixes and improvements, this updates adds a search feature to the app, which is indispensable for quickly locating and accessing what you're looking for.


The search function is accesssible via the search bar in the UI, which is located in the app's header toolbar, or using its keyboard shortcut. The app will retrieve any exact matches with the search query you've entered, and show you the results in the search view. Clicking on any shown result in the search view will then navigate to it in the app.


  • Swapped "New Plan" and "New Project" item options in the sidebar's "New List" menu.
  • Made function that determines which server to use upon signing up more accurate.
  • Changed new heading keyboard shortcut to toggle heading.
  • Clicking a selected item when multiple selections exist now selects that item instead of editing it.
  • Sync now keeps up to 100 revisions of each item.
  • Keep date pickers in calendar and done views open after dates are selected.
  • When entering editing mode, place the caret on the end of the line by default instead of at the start of the line.
  • Add left/right keyboard shortcuts in selection mode to navigate calendar date in calendar views.
  • Improved appearance of the keyboard shortcuts modal.
  • Custom, improved implementation for calculating widths of header and subheaders to use.
  • Streamlined UX for selection of plans in the sidebar.
  • Also show the Done button when headers/subheaders are focused.
  • Changed sortable auto scroll speed to be dependent on screen height.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed line spacing before headings in exported Markdown snapshots.
  • Fixed header toolbar positioning on Android in landscape mode.
  • Ensure that the Done button is shown upon creating a new line in an empty editor.
  • On Android, fixed how tapping the return key in editing mode sometimes doesn't move the caret to the new line.
  • Fixed position of empty contents icon being too high up when the mobile keyboard is shown.
  • On mobile in landscape mode, ensure the software keyboard is dismissed when rotating the screen and the view changes.
  • Fixed unwanted behaviour on Android of scrolling right towards the content view from the sidebar.
  • Fixed alignment of checkmark of completed tasks.
  • Also resize header textareas after toggling the sidebar on desktop widths.
  • Fixed how you couldn't select tasks when the sidebar was hidden in desktop mode.
  • Properly align the header icon in all content views.
  • Clean the headings with any empty contents when exiting editing mode in Today.
  • Fixed function that scrolls the caret into view in editing mode sometimes not working.
  • Calibrated colors of icons in the "View In" menu of calendar headings.
  • Calibrated background colors of date indicators in tasks in calendar views.

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