Planrow for Desktop

Planrow is now also available as a downloadable app for Windows and macOS.

July 19, 2021

You may download the desktop apps for Planrow at the download page of our website.

The macOS version requires macOS 10.11 El Capitan or newer, and is a universal build which supports both Intel and ARM processor architectures. The Windows version requires Windows 7 or newer, and is for 64-bit machines.

This release is labelled version 1.2.0, which also updates the web version of Planrow, contains the following improvements and bug fixes:


  • Renamed "Manage Plan" button in the app's settings tab to "Manage Billing", to be more descriptive.
  • Changed when and how upgrade and manage billing buttons are shown to ensure that it always contains a valid link.
  • The platform field in the Settings view now also lists more relevant information about the platform you're using the app from.
  • Automatically include your platform info in "Contact Support" in Settings, and added a copy to clipboard option.
  • App version indicated in the Settings view is now programatically set.

Bug Fixes

  • Disabled use of tab key to cycle focus, and spacebar key to pagedown.
  • Fixed alignment of mobile view content header toolbar.
  • Drag and mouse wheel scroll now works on Windows.
  • Ensured modals can be scrolled to be viewed in full.
  • Explicitly clear database before logging in to ensure zero backend complications.
  • Also reset the "Upgrade Now" button when resetting UI.
  • Fixed comparison function that was not ordering some lists correctly.

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