Planrow 1.11

Server-side improvements and upgrades, and of course, bug fixes and improvements.

February 26, 2022

This update bolsters the infrastructure behind our Planrow Pro service, providing additional server locations so that sync is quicker and more reliable for our Pro users.

Better Sync Infrastructure

This new multi-server setup will be complete transparent and seamless to our users, no additional settings or considerations need to be made in creating or using your Planrow Pro account, and everything is entirely taken care of by the app. This also, to a degree, future-proofs our sync setup as it'll be easier to add more servers as required by demand down the road.


  • Indicate loading when clicking "Snapshot Now".
  • Indicate loading when refreshing from a plan view's menu.
  • Moved "Authenticate At Startup" setting to the Account section.
  • Changed default setting of "Authenticate At Startup" to false.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed return symbol in the keyboard shortcuts dialog rendering as an emoji on iOS devices.
  • Fixed overlapping white background of bullets when dragging tasks in selection mode.
  • Fixed caret placement when creating a new item without a pre-existing selection.
  • Fixed a bug where backups could get attempted to be saved even after logging out.

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