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General Support

Have questions about or need help with Planrow? Kindly contact us via email with the details of your query at [email protected], and we'll be in touch with you very shortly.

Feel free to also ask your question on the community subreddit, /r/planrow, where fellow Planrow users who've faced the same issue before could possibly provide you with an answer or solution.

Bug Reporting

If you're reporting a bug, helping us learn exactly what the issue encountered is, and the sequence of actions to make in order to reproduce the bug, goes a long way in helping us replicate, find and then fix the issue.

1. Detail Behaviour

Do also note that the following information may also be found pre-filled with the correct data and ready to be copied to your clipboard from within the Settings view in the Planrow app.

  • User: [Your account email]
  • Server: [Your Server]
  • Version: [Your Version]
  • Platform: [Your OS version and device model]
  • Expected behaviour: [Your answer here]
  • Actual behaviour: [Your answer here]
  • Steps to reproduce:
  • [Step One]
  • [Step Two]
  • [Step Three]

2. Include Relevant Attachments (optional)

Where possible, kindly also attach a screenshot or screen recording illustrating the issue in your email to us. This will really help us identify the issue even more quickly. Thank you! :)

Account Deletion

You can also delete your account and all your data if you wish. To request an account deletion, kindly send us an email to notify us to do so here, and we will get back to you with a confirmation very soon.

Do note that this cannot be reversed, and all your data will become unretrievable after the deletion has been performed.

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