Planrow 1.7

Offline-capable, live replication, bug fixes and improvements.

January 26, 2022

This update mainly adds two new capabilities to Planrow, namely that the app is now offline-capable, and the sync feature for Planrow Pro users now has live replication.


The Planrow app is now offline-capable, which means that it is able to fully operate even if your device doesn't have an internet connection, from starting the app to using it to write your notes and complete tasks.

For Planrow Pro users, the sync feature is paused if you don't have a connection, and later seamlessly resumes if the app detects your internet status has recovered in its periodic checks. Any changes made on your device or elsewhere will then get securely synced to the server upon resumption of your internet connection, so you don't have to worry about missing out on local changes in the event that you're offline.

Also to note that, of course, authenticating your account with your email and password will still require an internet connection, which also applies if you have "Authenticate At Startup" turned on in Settings. You also need to be online in order to change your password from within the app.

Live Replication

Another improvement to do with the multi-device sync feature available only for Planrow Pro users, live replication propagates your changes made onto all your devices in real-time.

This means that changes made elsewhere are no longer only retrieved during the app's initial start, but continously throughout your usage, and you're always working with the latest and most updated version of your notes and tasks.


  • Adapted keyboard shortcuts for Windows-based or Mac-based platforms.
  • Added option to indent/outdent to task toolbar in selection mode.
  • Done view header toolbar UI improvements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed how newly-created indented lines didn't have that property saved to the backend.
  • After completing a task, only select the next item if there was already an existing selection.
  • Fixed how the "new" button should add new lines to after the current selection instead of before.
  • Added a background to selected tasks to prevent a flash of white before the checkbox is added.
  • Increased drag and drop autoscroll speed.
  • Indicate selected plans and projects in blue to better fit the active view color.
  • Fixed an issue with sidebar toggling on mobile devices, in landscape mode.
  • After a deleted or completed task is removed and a subsequent selection is moade, also show the done button.
  • Ensure the caret is visible when editing by scrolling the view if necessary.
  • Fixed how activated sidebar items were completely white.
  • Fixed how clicking on a checkbox to cancel completion could result in clicks being doubly-registered.
  • Fix for Android editor selections made near the top/bottom of the screen.
  • Upon logout, also clear the active view indicator.
  • On Android, fix how popover menus exceed viewport window boundaries.
  • Fixed indent/outdent from selection mode not working.
  • Fixed how indent/outdent from an active editor is also suddenly deactivating it first.

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