Planrow 1.4

Major improvements to the app, especially on mobile, and a ton of bug fixes!

September 1, 2021

This update also paves the way for a future mobile release for iOS and Android devices, laying the groundwork for Planrow to be available on your phone as an app.


  • Make the heading toolbars of both the content view and sidebar fixed to top when scrolled.
  • Added a Done button which appears in the top-right, for deselecting the existing selection.
  • On mobile, you can now also long press a selected item to deselect it.
  • Better alignment of app UI from top of window on macOS.
  • Included day of week info in date indicator of tasks.
  • The New Task / New Heading buttons now do not clear the existing selection, so new items can be added relative to the current selection.
  • Improved how account information is stored locally on your device on macOS and Windows versions.


  • When dragging calendar view tasks to another calendar view, reset indent level of the dragged tasks.
  • Increased drag and drop autoscroll sensitivity for faster drag and drop manoeuvring.

Bug Fixes

  • Deselect existing selected tasks when you focus on a plan's title or subtitle in the header.
  • Fixed how shift+enter would not result in deactivating active tasks and items.
  • Ensure sidebar project item is deactivated if its more icon button is triggered.
  • Fixed how expanding/collapsing a sidebar project leads to drag and drop of its nested plans not following along.
  • Addressed how interaction with sidebar items on mobile was inconsistent when it comes to editing title and showing the plan's view.
  • Fixed calendar period indicator strings for Week, Month and Quarter views to make them more descriptive and specific.
  • Observed sufficient padding between text and the more button on the right side of heading items.
  • Prevent tasks from being activated if in state of being completed.
  • On mobile, prevent sortable autoscroll from scrolling to the right when dragging items, both in sidebar and content views.
  • Fixed alignment of content header toolbar buttons.
  • Fixed inconsistent background modal opacity.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the app to blank out when certain modals were shown.
  • Addressed how when an task in Today view, which is overdue and is the last item in that heading, is cleared of its date, the heading doesn't also get removed.

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