Planrow 1.5

Integrating notes and tasks.

December 11, 2021

This is a massive update that took a lot of work, containing several fundamental and important changes. This took a lot of time to develop and test, but will greatly improve how the app works for Planrow users.

Editing and Selection Modes

In this update, we overhauled the user experience of how you interact with your notes and tasks. There are now two distinct, separate modes in which you use the app.

Selection mode is where each line is treated an individual task, and you can drag them around, complete them, etcetera.

In editing mode, all of the lines in the current view combine into an individual note, which you can edit like you would in a regular text editor.

You could think of selection mode being equivalent to a tasks mode, and editing mode could also be called notes mode, and each seamlessly transitions into the other while you're using the app.

Calendar Views

How the calendar views work was also overhauled, firstly with improved backend code for retrieving the contents of each calendar view.

The number of calendar views displayed was also updated, as well as how the contents of each view is presented. Each view now contains a date picker, where you can indicate the time period you'd like to view within the current calendar view.

Also, weeks have also now been updated to start on Monday instead of Sunday.

Changes and Improvements

  • The "Inbox" view was renamed to "Scratchpad".
  • Cleaned up and optimized lots of stale code as a result of the overhaul.
  • Drag and drop in calendar views also update the dragged item's date relative to where it was dragged.
  • Tasks now only exist only in a calendar view or a regular plan view.
  • Update tutorial plan's contents to reflect above changes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed how the taskbar indent button doesn't work when clicked.
  • Fixed Android swipe to go back gesture when device is using button navigation.
  • Set positioning for dialogs appropriate to length of the dialogs on Android.
  • Hide the task bar when swiped back to go back to the sidebar view.
  • Ensure that activated items scroll into view when obscured by the software keyboard on Android.
  • Fixed consistency of showing or hiding of the Done button in some scenarios.
  • Fixed how on mobile, after cancelling a task completion, the task checkbox remained hovered.
  • Fixed paste events on iOS.
  • Adjusted menu bar spacing on mobile on sides and bottom.
  • On iOS, fixed how header toolbar is not translucent when there is an active item.
  • On iOS, allowed user to scroll even though height of content is shorter than window height.
  • Fixed how bottom spacing of content was not sufficient on iOS.

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