A multi-platform personal
 productivity app
 for your
 notes, tasks and plans.

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Big plans,
small steps.

The typical, simple to-do list leads to insufficient thinking ahead, and not meaningfully moving the needle. Planrow provides a progressive planning workflow, so that your daily tasks are of depth and impactful.

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Turn your ideas into reality.

The usual note-taking, knowledgebase workflow makes us prone to non-actionable knowledge accumulation and over-planning. Planrow makes tasks and notes interoperable, so as to help you translate your ideas into action.

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Work on what matters.

By bringing together your long-term notes and present-term tasks, Planrow helps you plan your time from a place of comprehensive thinking. This helps you take action on what's critical, for consistent, intentional execution.

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The app's user interface designed to be simple, which allows it to abstract away into the background and so you can fully focus on your work. But under the hood, there's more to Planrow than meets the eye.

Dark Mode

Beautifully-designed dark mode interface.

Drag & Drop

Easily reorder and organize your tasks.

Shortcut Keys

Boost productivity with keyboard shortcuts.


Use across platforms and devices.


Works without an internet connection.

Quick Search

Search through contents of all items.

Real-Time Sync

Pull changes made to your device.

Scratch Pad

A separate notes zone for thinking.

Secure Encryption

Password-based, on-device encryption.


Automatic, built-in backups of your work.

Touch Gestures

Quicker actions on touch devices.

Undo & Redo

Trivially navigate your action history.

All these features wrapped into a workflow that will supercharge your personal productivity.

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A multi-platform personal
 productivity app
 for your
 notes, tasks and plans.

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