Terms and Conditions

Last updated: 30th July 2021

By using Planrow ("Service"), you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions ("Terms of Service").

Planrow is operated by BETTERWEBPAGES ("Company"), which reserves the right to update and change these Terms of Service without notice.

Violation of any of the terms below may result in the termination of your account or use of the Service.

Account Terms


Subject to your compliance with this Agreement and your payment of any applicable fees, the Company grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive, worldwide right to access and use the purchased Services in accordance with the terms set out in this Agreement.

The License is granted on a per-user basis and is valid for use on all supported operating systems. A License may be used on multiple computers and operating systems, provided that only the proper registered user of such License accesses or makes use of the applicable Services.

Licenses are non-transferable and may not be distributed, sold, rented, leased or otherwise assigned or transferred to any third party(ies).


A. Personal Use. A License permits use of Planrow for free for your own, private, non-commercial purposes (e.g. educational study use, doing research). For the avoidance of doubt, the use of Planrow for the exercise of your own trade or profession for which you are compensated compensation (e.g. crafting business plans, writing work reports, etc.) does not qualify as Personal Use.

B. Not For Profit Use. A License permits use of Planrow for free by registered charitable and not-for-profit organizations; provided, that such use is not in connection with non-Personal Use by any other Person.

C. Commercial Use. In all other circumstances, a License permits the use of Planrow only after payment of all associated fees (Planrow Pro).

Payment, Refunds, Upgrading and Downgrading Terms

Cancellation and Termination

Modifications to the Service and Prices

General Conditions

Copyright and Content Ownership

Any new features that augment or enhance the current Service, including the release of new tools and resources, shall be subject to the Terms of Service. Continued use of the Service after any such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes.