Planrow 1.6

Sidebar UI revamp, improvements and follow-ups.

December 21, 2021

This update is more of a continuation update from the previous one, shoring up and rounding off the improvements needed to be made.


  • Revamped sidebar user interface on mobile and desktop widths.
  • Improved how the currently selected view is indicated in the sidebar.
  • After completing a task in selection mode, automatically select the next closet item.
  • Cleaned up data model in codebase.
  • Removed leftover code from previous version.
  • Added a more button menu for heading items in calendar views, with more viewing options.
  • Improved positioning calculation function to prevent any possible "bunching up" of items.
  • Added left/right navigation for calendar views.
  • Allow directly going into editing mode with new item/line from selection mode.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a mutation observer warning that occurred in Firefox web browser from the new editor.
  • Adding new line in the editor from within a calendar view now correctly adds the date.
  • Allow clicking edit button in the top toolbar to edit an empty Today calendar view.
  • Added a minimum height for empty, selected items in selection mode to ensure they are visible.
  • Fixed allowing typing of space characters in the editor.
  • In Firefox browser, clicking outside of the editor container now correctly exits editing mode.
  • Ensured that preceding/ending whitespace in titles are mirrored in editor and in backend.
  • Fixed issued with pasting long notes into the editor not getting registered correctly.
  • Fixed how you have to press return twice on mobile to add a new line.
  • Fixed how words are broken up into lines in the editor to prevent horizontal scrolling.
  • Fixed how drag and drop on iPads don't work when using a mouse.
  • Fixed drag and drop alignment of dragged ghost on Android.
  • Made item heights consistent across modes.
  • Done button now shows after pressing the edit button in the header on mobile screen widths.

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