Planrow 2.0.3

Some features and fixes.

May 17, 2022


  • Added app-wide Increase / Decrease Level options to selection mode.
  • Added editing mode option to toggle whether to show or hide the bullet of selected lines.
  • Added subscription in-app purchases for iOS and Android platforms.


  • For non-mobile platforms, added a link to the website's Security Overview page in the log in view.
  • Added swipe to navigate Calendar and Done views on iOS and Android, for desktop-width devices.
  • Updated code packaging libraries for macOS and Windows versions.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed layout of dragged indented items on iOS.
  • Adequately scroll to show caret after pressing return key in editing mode on iOS.
  • Fixed alignment of sidebar more button on iOS in mobile widths.
  • Fixed layout of header bar buttons in selection mode when a plan is shown in desktop width.
  • Fixed UI bug on Android where the clear input button for quick search was mispositioned.
  • Fixed error that occurred when navigating views with certain conditions.
  • Fixed bug on Android where changing the selection in editing mode would cause unintended scroll jumps.
  • Fixed how the toggle header button in the bottom toolbar didn't respond when toggling from header to body text.
  • Made live replication also change the current view if the currently shown plan was deleted.

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