EULA Overview

Last updated: 30th July 2021

Quick Summary

You need to pay for the Planrow Pro plan if you use it for revenue-generating, work-related activities in a company or sole proprietorship (or if you want to sync across multiple devices). Get a commercial license, by subscribing to Planrow Pro, if that's the case. Non-profit organizations do not need commercial licenses.

For all other uses, you can use Planrow for free forever.

It is essential that you read and understand our End User License Agreement ( and Privacy Policy (, because you must agree to both to use Planrow. These documents provide all terms to the relationship between Planrow users and BETTERWEBPAGES, the company that develops and provides Planrow, including licensing and fees, the security of your content (and ours), privacy, liability and how we agree to resolve any disputes.

This page is only a summary of key details.


You must have a license to use Planrow, though some users may use a free license. If you aren't sure which license you need, please see our Licensing FAQ at the bottom of this page.

Personal Use and Non Profit Use

Unless you require a Commercial Use License, you can download and use Planrow for free, forever, under one of our free license types: Personal Use Licenses and Not for Profit Licenses.

Commercial Use

A Commercial Use License is provisioned to you as long as you are paying for an active Planrow Pro subscription.

Commercial Use Licenses are required whenever Planrow is being used for work for a business, including in sole proprietorships or other one-person organizations. Work for educational purposes does not require a Commercial Use License.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a freelancer/writer/blogger, do I need a commercial license?

Yes, if your freelancing/writing/blogging makes you money, you need a commercial license.

I'm a teacher/professor and I use Planrow for my teaching/tutoring, do I need a commercial license?

No, if it's related to education in general, you do not need a commercial license.

I'm a researcher and I use Planrow for my research, do I need a commercial license?

If your research has resulted in a commercial product, you need a commercial license for your usage. Otherwise if you're still producing a product, or if your research does not involve producing a product, you do not need a commercial license.

I use Planrow during work for things like writing down processes and scheduling my projects, do I need a commercial license?

Yes, you need a commercial license. You should ask your company to get you a Planrow Pro subscription.

I use Planrow to manage all of my tasks, both personal and professional, because it's difficult to separate them. Do I need a commercial license?

If your use of Planrow contains content directly related to projects and processes at your work, you need a commercial license.