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The why and who behind the app.


Why make yet another task management app?

I found that the existing landscape of productivity apps isn't quite made for individuals striving to create and work independently.

The two main categories in this field are polar opposites: Note-taking apps make us prone to non-actionable knowledge accumulation and over-planning, while to-do list apps make us prone to insufficiently thinking ahead and not meaningfully moving the needle.

Planrow aims to bridge the gap between the two, enabling a workflow for independent, self-directed work. It does so by having these directions at its core:

It's set up and designed to get you focused on consistent, intentional and productive execution. A focus on today's to-dos ensures that you are taking action on what's critical.

Bringing together your present-term tasks (action) and long-term notes (thought) lets you create your daily tasks from a place of comprehensive thinking.

Integrating this all with a progressive planning workflow for your day, week, month, quarter and year means that you are always adequately and appropriately zoomed in to whichever timeframe you're planning for.

This app is my attempt at making a better productivity tool for individuals in the same shoes I found myself in. So that's why I'm making yet another task management app — I hope you'll find it useful.


Hi! I'm Guan, the maker of Planrow. Before this, I also made the mind-mapping writing app, WriteMapper, which I've been working on since 2017.

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